When Little Hands Become Antsy!

We were working on our math lessons when I started to become frustrated at the lack of attention my Little Lo(6) was putting into her work. When it hit me! Rather than both of us become too frustrated and upset, we should put the books down for the day and put our hands to work in learning something new!

I quickly gathered the supplies and gathered the little ones into the kitchen!

Here’s what we did and here’s what you will need!

IMG_20180103_114738_576 (1)

We searched the house for books about Bees (you can find some of those here and here) and flipped through the pages as I let the Littles run their fingers through a bowl of  beeswax pellets. After looking at the shape of a honeycomb I pulled out the hexagon shape tiles from the Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards Set and helped the girls make their own honeycomb patterns. It was a lot of fun until the destroyer (our one year old) scattered our carefully placed tiles haha ohhhh the joys of home education with a toddler! I thought at that point we might as well add more mess to our lesson!


Now I MUST say I am by no means a candle making expert…in fact  I am certain there are better ways but this is what I did and it worked!! I started with a mason jar full of the beeswax pellets. Put the mason jar into a pot of water and brought it to a roaring boil. Once boiling you can turn it down to a medium low heat.

When all the wax is melted you can start dipping your wick. We dipped two candles at a time to speed the process along for a three year old who looses interest quickly!


TWO BIG TIPS, if I may! TIP #1 It can be so messy especially so if you have little hands helping along the way. So lay down paper towels, news paper, trash bags, whatever you have to save you from hours of scraping wax off every surface of your kitchen lol TIP #2 Use a cup of cold water in between dips of the wax. Dip in wax then cold water, then back to wax then back to the cold water…repeat until you have hit your desired size.


We hung them to cool on a dowel and waited until the next day to use them 🙂 The mason jar full of melted wax was still pretty full when we were finished. SO I stuck a piece of wick in and have been using it as a candle in the school room, the smell and ambiance given to our little room was lovely!


This one will definitely be on repeat here in our home!! Message me on INSTA if you have any questions, this one was just too fun not to share 🙂

ENJOY, my friends!


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