Here We Are

a      young      mother      of      three      decided to educate her children at home. a decision found after much prayer and preparation. the more prayer and preparation, the more peace and confidence in her decision. jump forward three months and here she stands. ready to document their day to day. days full of togetherness and real conversations. real people learning and growing in a peaceful atmosphere. real parents choosing what their children learn. choosing the good and the beautiful things in life. spending their days outside playing in the woods, the grass, the trails, the sand. we use our brushes to paint the scenes before us. we look upon the paintings of Monet and spend our mornings reading the words of the prophets. the preludes of Bach and Vivaldi thunder through our school room. the stories of little Laura Ingalls fill our imaginations. we sketch our favorite birds and sing our favorite hymns. living our family moto each day to “seek after light and choose the right”.


 i’m andrea. i’m this mom. i’m this mom who fails but who tries again. i love my children. i love my days with them. teaching them, talking with them. learning with them. being an example of kindness and goodness to them. here is our journey.


p.s. I will have grammatical errors. I am not eloquent in my writings. I may have a sentence or two that can claim clever or witty status but I’m not hopeful 🙂


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