Letter Hop for the Littles

My 3 year old loves to sing her alphabet. It’s never correct but she sings with all the gusto her little body can muster. It’s seriously the cutest thing BUT as cute as it is, I thought I should probably help her out with a simple and fun activity…the Letter Hop!!


It has really helped with letter recognition and sounds. The best part is that she is having a blast being active while learning. Mom win! As she hops to each letter we either say its name or its sound. For my oldest(6) I scramble the letters and she sees how fast she can get through all upper and lower case sounds…it’s pretty fun…and funny!



Another bonus…it has just got to be helping with their lack of balance haha See photos below, Another WIN!


20180104_122304 (1)

I have attached the pdf of the letter cards below. All you have to do is download, print and laminate and you are ready to go. The file has all 26 Upper Case and Lower Case letters. Enjoy!

Alphabet Letter Hop

P.s. if your wondering why I don’t have ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ laid down, it’s because the littlest took off with them and we haven’t seen them since!

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